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Black Eagle Media-Scott Spiker

Aerial Image Maker, Editor, Storyteller 
As a professional photographer/cinematographer I incessantly seek that fresh point of view or graphic angle. I'm drawn to complex shooting scenarios and out of the box problem solving while constantly looking  for unique and visually striking content.  Aerial shot sequences and enticing camera movements open up a whole new era of visual discovery. Let's talk about what hasn't been done before and how to bring it to your project. Single flyer setups or elaborate productions, I blend seamlessly with your existing team for a smooth and efficient production. FAA certified and 4K capable. Lets talk about creative possibilities and your next visual adventure. 
Decades of editing photography assignments for commercial and magazine clients honed an eye for narrative that influences my current video editing style. Using sound design and strategically cut music to complement each project subconsciously connects with the viewer for a captivating presentation. Whether documentary/feature film trailer or social media web short consider hiring someone with years of professional storytelling to help bring your unique message to life. 
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